We participated in NEXT program

15 Feb, 2014

NEXT is a five-week program with 3 hour sessions for select startup teams to get to the next level.
NEXT is designed to take promising startups through the more difficult early stages of the entrepreneurial journey and prepare them for a tangible milestone, such as an accelerator, investment, or sustainable product launch. Accepted startups will take part in 3-hour weekly sessions for five weeks to help them validate their customer's core problem and shift to building the right solution. Through hands-on mentoring and weekly training on the early startup phases, teams will secure an understanding of their customer development strategy, market size, competitors, MVP, fundability, and pitching.

Teams who finish the NEXT program with a working MVP or viable MVP plan, a defined customer segment, and attractive market will be eligible for the NEXT First Look Forum at the end of the program, an event aimed at generating exposure for strong NEXT graduates.
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